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Ganzhou CF Tungsten Co.,Ltd. was located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, China, where were well known as the Tungsten Capital in the world. Jiangxi LF Cemented Carbide Toools Co.,Ltd is wholly-owned subsidiary of CF Tungsten. We are specialized in manufacturing high-performance tungsten carbide, supplying tungsten/molybdenum powder & W/Mo related products.

Through our advanced manufacturing processes and production management, more than ten years supply experience, tungsten raw material of origin, we are keeping our advantage of competitive price and quality consistency.


CF Tungsten founders graduated from metallurgy major and Committed to Tungsten field in 2003.

At first stage, we start our W&Mo business with trading tungstate and W/Mo powder and built Long-term partnership with strong factory.

I andra etappen köper vi APT och specifik OEM-fabrik för tillverkning av produkter i enlighet med kundernas krav.

For now, we committed ourselves to tungsten carbide field since 2014. We are building our factory, which cover an area of 12000㎡ around and well equipped.

Vårt Uppdrag

CF tungsten was dedicated to explore the value of resources, honor our commitment for sustainable development,with heart of gratitude and respect,to pursue the harmony of nature and human-beings. we have been adhering to the” create- achieve, innovate-happy” philosophy, insist on innovation as the engine of company’s developing.the success of the company depend on the contribution of employees and support by win-win business situation of customers.

Look forward to the future, CF tungsten hope to make a better environment,economy,humanity for the society and create a better rewards for our customers, employees, and shareholders through its hard working.


Ammonium Paratungstate (handel) → Tungsten Oxid (OEM) → W Pulver / WC (OEM) → Tungstenkarbid (Tillverkning)

Ammonium Metatungstate (trade/OEM)

Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate (trade/OEM)

Mining Tungsten carbide (OEM)

Tungsten carbide rod (manufacture)

Tungsten carbide burrs (OEM)

Tungstenkarbid dör (handel)

W Bar/Plate and Mo Bar/Plate (trade)

Mo powder (trade)

Ferro Tungsten (trade/OEM)

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